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How does cholesterol regulate its own.?

How does cholesterol regulate its own mechanism.?

Healthy dietOur bodies need cholesterol to build healthy cells, but high levels of it can increase your risk of heart disease. If you have high cholesterol, you're not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 35 million Americans have high LDL, or bad cholesterol, which greatly increases the risk for heart disease and stroke. Many who have high cholesterol are prescribed medications called statins, but there are alternative ways to lower your cholesterol that, when combined successfully, may eliminate the need for statins altogether. Exercise is key to helping your heart be healthy. But more specifically, research has shown that exercise can definitely impact cholesterol levels by helping to lower the bad cholesterol in the body. 

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in our blood we all have it and we all need normal amounts of it because our cells use it however having a high amount of cholesterol can put as an increased risk of heart and vascular diseases such as heart attacks such as strokes and vascular dementia so we're looking at natural ways to help reduce and prevent your cholesterol from becoming high in the first place.

let's start off with the basics fats and cholesterol so with fats we have saturated fats which increase our cholesterol levels and we also have unsaturated fats which can actually help reduce our cholesterol levels now we already know that most people in the UK eat far too many saturated fat so what foods contain high saturated fats you might be thinking.

 Tip #1: 

this is quite long such as things like butter sausages fatty cuts of meats creams cheese biscuits cakes and many more. replace those who have got high amounts of saturated fat with foods with unsaturated fats so what are these for example oily fish these include things like mackerel and salmon as well as nuts avocados and many more.

 Tip #2:

 we have trans fats ever heard of them if you have great if not they're found naturally in small amounts in certain foods such as dairy and meat but there's also another thing called artificial trans fats and these are found in hydrogenated fats which are in processed foods like biscuits and cakes so these trans fats can actually increase our bad cholesterol.

 now the good news is that in the UK many manufacturers and supermarkets have now started to reduce the amount of trans fats that are used in these kinds of processed foods but you should still always read the label and check for trans fats hydrogenated fats or any oils and try and avoid these products.

 Tip # 3. You need to reduce your total fat intake not only is it going to reduce your cholesterol levels but it can also reduce your risk of heart disease so it's a win-win so one of the easiest ways to help reduce your fat intake is the way that you cook your food the bad way to cook your food is roasting and frying that's going to give you a high-fat content in your food now at the lowest way and the healthiest way to do so is by grilling poaching steaming and even microwaving all of these are much healthier ways to cook than roasting and frying.

 Tip # 4:

 which can really help is reducing your total fat intake so if you do like to eat things like meat for example pick the leaner cuts of meats to eat or if you do like to eat dairy products or spreads instead of the full-fat version pick the low-fat version or if you do really want to have the full-fat version consider reducing your portion size has a smaller amount now the NHS has a really useful article all about this and I highly recommend you read it it's all about different fats how much fats to have what to look out for on labels so it's a really useful article. Now let's move on to fiber and cholesterol ok we know that fiber. eating plenty of fiber can help reduce your risk of heart disease and also certain foods that are high in fiber can actually help reduce your cholesterol levels.

Tip # 5:

If your fiber uptake is currently low you need to try and increase it and if you're an adult you need to be aiming for at least 30 grams of fiber per day so now you're probably thinking Abraham what foods are high in fiber but how do I increase it well it's very easy foods that are high in fiber fruits and vegetables very high in fiber wholemeal bread nuts oats and many more.

 Tip # 6:Apart from the diet and active lifestyle can also help lower your cholesterol levels so you need to be exercising regularly so as an adult you need to be doing 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise per there you have it these are my tips to help lower your cholesterol naturally.

A common question asked by patients is what about these cholesterol-lowering products that are on the market such as spreads and yogurts and things like that and my answer for that is if your healthcare professional has told you the cholesterol is slightly high and they've asked you to change diet and lifestyle things to try and reduce your cholesterol levels then there's no need for you to buy these products as long as you're making these dietary changes as long as you're changing your lifestyle. Remember that statins may be prescribed for reasons other than to just lower cholesterol. So if you are currently taking these medications, please be sure to talk to your doctor before you stop taking any of your cholesterol medication. 

By taking this product will not replace  your diet it's not a substitute but support to change your lifestyle by doing more exercise.

Enjoy Life, do exercise, eat a healthy diet, and be happy. For more of diet.


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