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Secret of the best weight loss diet plans celebrities choose.

The best weight loss diet. 

There are 150+ types of diverse diets available in the market. They are mainly divided into 8 categories. how to choose the best for you? we ask doctors and nutrition experts.
Most of the experts say: "Any diet to which you are happy to continue for the long run, would be best for you, no matter how it works for others or how fast it works,
The Best Diet That will Work for you: One which is easy and feasible to continue:
Best Diet Meal

 I have briefly covered major diets, some are scientifically proven, some are a fad or fashion, some are not proven but promoted. sadly we all seek diet fast as a result without pain. those diets do not sustain for some cases, weight drop drastically and gains reverse more than the original weight by lowering metabolism
What is  Diet or Nutrition:? Its food and drinks consumed by humans. Dietary practice depends on various factors such as environment, culture, habit, lifestyle, social influence, marketing strategies of food manufacture, political will towards people. The major influence is social media which plays a very important roll in dietary practice. people are confused about what have to eat and how much to eat.
  "A Perfect Diet is the one which keeps you fit to lose weight and consume surplus calories "-Uday Samant
A commitment to follow any plan is key to success.
Ideal Diet plan should :
  • Include various types of cuisine.
  • Include Exercise.
  • Scientific validation.
  • Family-friendly.
  • Focus on slow and natural weight loss.
  • Feasible while traveling.
  • Not supplement reliant or promoter.
  • Feasible to busy work schedule.
  • vary as per age group /gender.
Checklist to choose an ideal diet plan: 
1. Which Plan am I looking for? Is it structured or flexible? 
2. Are they promoting any supplementary products?
3. DIY.Do it Yourself with help of experts
4. Is the plan for having a long list of forbidden food.
 5. Can I tackle my bad habits, which might be restricted in the plan?
6. Some plans give a guarantee of impossible or unhealthy results.
 7. Are the quantity, combination realistic for the long term?
8. Are you ready to do a hard exercise if the plan insists?
 9. Ask yourself if you can do if the plan encourages 6 meals and your habit is of 2 meals. the likelihood is that diet won't last for 2 weeks. 
The key to success is :
  • Be consistent & committed
  • Enjoy a variety of food given by nature
  • Let weight reduce slowly, as gained slowly.
  • Eat 1 portion less to breathe, don't be full.
  • Allow multivitamin supplements only if you feel the drain.
  • Stick to a science-based program.
  • Drink plenty of water, keep hydrated.

 I have reviewed and research all 155+ of the diet plans, which could be useful for different ages and gender. Some of them are really effective and easy to follow, some are hard to follow consistently.
 Diets Categories--
  • Belief Based Diet. There are 13 types of Belief diets such as 
  1. Omnivorous, 
  1. Carnivorous, 
  1. Pescetarian, 
  1. Semi-Vegetarian, 
  1. Vegetarian, 
  1. Vegan, 
  1. Fruitarian, 
  1. Paleo, 
  1. Ketogenic,
  1. Jewish, 
  1. Islamic, 
  1. Hindu, 
  1. Jain.
There are many differences in each of these such as, carnivorous eat only non-veg/meat, while Jain eats on vegetables, fruitarians eat only fruits. I will cover this in detail in my next post.
 the main focus of this diet is to restrict calories by various means or methods. Food intake is calculated in calorie percentage and controlled to the desired amount as per person. there are various diets in this category.  
5:2 diet

 Some people prefer a diet plan that involves specific foods and portions sizes, to assist them to stay on track. while some just like the flexibility of creating their own food choices. As long as the diet plan includes a spread of healthy fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, low-fat dairy and Glen protein- either type can work. 

 Many diet planners sell you the plan and scam you to promote their supplements. genuine weight loss plans will never sell you any supplements. Be careful.

" Go see a registered dietician with a weekly diary of what you sometimes eat and what dietitians suggest a personal plan that meets your lifestyle and nutritional needs"

some plans have long lists of "forbidden" food and tiny room for indulgences. some people feel craving of being denied certain food..

Sometimes a diet can create an obsession with food increase craving and cause frustration within the stomach because the diet doesn't work with the brain. 

 Rapid weight loss is typically more fluid loss than fat.

Some plan ask food and beverages which are not seasonal and not available for long. 

Some plans encourage many exercises, others simply get you moving. If you are a sedentary person choose a simple exercise which you could do in the long run. Working at home cleaning your belongings, the house has enough bending, walking & lifting. 

  • 5:2 Intermittent diet: 

This 5:2-Day Diet is clinically developed and proven by acclaimed scientist Dr Michelle Harvie. The main concept is to eat less for 2 days with a defined amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and eat regularly for 5 days
My suggestion is that this would be easy for those who could keep track and measure the defined amount of protein for 2 days.

16:8  diet

  • Intermittent fasting-IF

This is basically eating and fasting in 16:8 hours gap formula. I personally follow this diet and it has amazing results. There is no limit to eating you can eat whatever you wish, preferably as per your weight and age allow.
This would be easy for any need to count calories or amount of food..easy to follow.
  • Body for life

  • Body of life BIF: 

It is 12 weeks calorie control diet with exercise created by Bill Phillips famous bodybuilder. It focuses on both weight loss and body transformation.
This is a perfect plan for who are committed and consistent, such as bodybuilder who daily go the gym to follow their dream

  • e-Diet

It is an online controlled diet program as per your BMI. experts will advise the better plan as per health parameters Some dieters may find visual online consultation, a problem, but the e-Diets regimen and the advice out on the website are far ahead of time. 
This would be just an app on a mobile phone for those who take it easy and not committed.


  • The Hacker'S Diet:'

How to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition" with this humorous line John Walker- founder of Autodesk has invented this diet. His principle is -a calorie surplus leads to weight gain; a calorie deficit leads to weight loss. the body is a control system. needs daily updates of intake and consumption of calories. Walker uses excel spreadsheets to produce a result. losing his weight from 98 to 66 in a year proves the process is the same as an engineering system.
This seems to be more as a corporate organized project. a great option for corporates.

Diet Plan

  • Nutrisystem Diet:

  Nutrisystem distributes low-calorie meals, with specific ratios of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. This provides a list of fresh meat, dairy, fruits & vegies with this you can eat any Nutrisystem foods which focus on calories from 25% proteins & 25% fats.

This could be an easy option  for those who don't want to calculate calorie content while eating, they will serve you as per design

Weight watcher meal plan
  • Weight Watcher Diet: 
The diet is aiming to restrict energy to achieve a weight loss of 0.5 to 1.0 kg per week which medically acceptable.the parents company procides metal replacement for dieters.

Easy Option than hiring a nutrition expert to track the amount of  calorie  consumed

  • 30 days meal plan for weight loss with 1200 calorie diet: 

There are certain rules: Avoid carbs, Eat small portion meal over and over again, mainly include proteins, Vegies, Legumes, don't drink calorie such sweet soda drinks, take one-day off..mainly focus on control of calorie intake.
Easy to follow in the long run without any hard exercise.

  • Very Low- Calorie Diets: 

This is based on the 800 calorie diet, which can follow only under the supervision of the doctor. This faculty believes that food is no necessary for life. 2 major programs are-
This is not easy in the long run to keep medical assistants to monitor our diet and effect.

  • Inedia (Breatharian Diet):

 No food is consumed in this diet.
Maybe not feasible for most people.

  • KE Diet:

 Dieter will feed through a feeding tube. not to eat anything by the dieter.
Maybe good for Patients

  • Low Carbohydrate Diets

  1. Akin Dietfocuses on low carbohydrates at the starting induction phase and slowly increases through different phases .balancing,  fine-tuning, and maintenance. A low-carb diet is risky for heart disease.
  2. Dukan DietBased on mainly high protein and low carbohydrate. They have short-term weight loss and long term balanced diet. Need to check the feasibility 
  3. South Beach Diet: Cardiologist Arthur Agatsun develop this diet. The key to this diet is losing weight quickly isn't cutting all carbs and fats but choosing the right carbs and fats.
  4. Stillman DietThis is a low carb high protein diet, which predates Akins diet.

  •  Low-fat Diet: 

McDougall's starch diet is a high-calorie, high-fiber, low-fat diet that is based on starches such as potatoes, rice, and beans.

  • Crash Diet

These are very low-calorie diets to reduce weight very fast.
 These are dangerous and may lead to death must be under the supervision of the doctor, not recommended for normal people.

Some crash diets are
  1. Beverly hills diet: Starts with Fruits on 1st day and gradually increases diet up to six weeks.
  2. Cabbage soup diet: Low-Calorie Diet based on the consumption of cabbage soup only.
  3. Grapefruit Diet: Grapefruit been consumed in large quantities at mealtime.
  4. Monotrophc Diet: This involves only one food item to eat 
  5. Subway Diet: This is by replacing high-calorie fast food by subway sandwich introduced by student Jared Forgie 
  6. Western Diet Pattern: This is the diet consist of food eaten in western countries.

  • Detox Diet

Not Consuming any food, only food supplements, and water or juice. This is also Juice fasting or Master Cleanse. Detox diet

  • Diets follow for Medical Purpose: 

Recommended mostly for patients for specific medical needs by medical professionals. Major Famous diets are.DASH Diet, Diabetic Diet, Elemental Diet, Elimination Diet, Gluten-free Diet, Healthy Kidney Diet, Ketogenic Diet (This is quite Well Known- This is high fat- Low carb diet in which dietary and bodyfat converted in energy) it is used in refractory epilepsy. Liquid Diet, Low FODMAP diet.Soft Diet, Specific Carbohydrate diet.

  • FAD Diet or Fashion Diet:

 This is popular for some time like fashion often promising unreasonably, mostly fake or scam.

  • Hydroxycut pills:

 It is a weight loss pills, call pre-clinical, contains caffeine, Lady's mantle extract (Alchemilla Vulgaris), wild olive extract (Olea Europaea), Komijin Extract (Cuminum Cyinum), Wild mint extract (Vaccinium myrtillus), calcium, vitamin C.etc.
Caffeine being a metabolism booster, enhance fat burning by 10-11%, once the body developed a tolerance of caffeine, this pill is not clinically researched for weight loss.

  • Vegetarian Diet:
  1. Fruitarian diet; predominantly consist of fruits and weight loss drinks such as green tea, apple cider vinegar weight loss drinks, cucumber detox drink, high protein drink, homemade drinks to lose belly fat, gm diet soup, honey cinnamon water, morning juice for weight loss,
  1. Lacto Vegetarian Diet: Use dairy products to exclude eggs and meat.
  1. Ovo vegetarian Diet; Use inclusion of eggs, but exclude dairy.
  1. Ovo-Lacto Diet: Use eggs and dairy products.
  1. Vegan Diet: Use Only veggies Not use any product produce by animals

  • Semi Vegetarian Diet: predominately vegetarians, occasionally meat been consumed.
  • Kangaterian; Include kangaroo meat mostly follow in Australia.
  • Pescetarian Diet: Diet Which Includes fish but not other meats.
  • Plant-Based Diet: fully vegetarian occasionally consume meat.

There are many diets available in the market. Which one you should follow?
  My suggestion is to follow the diet which is attainable for your body, Financially Possible, Easy to follow in the long run, and maintain for a whole life. Eat meal Slowly.2 times a day is perfect.don't eat anything between two meals.

  • For youth don't go for a harsh diet or fancy diet, check the report, authentication, social media is easily manageable. Just keep playing burn fat eat fresh food, no for sugar, junk food,
  • 30-50 people walk, run, play, do exercise, swim, do an activity as fun. follow simple rule-1-2 hours for yourself keep active and fit. Eat 2 times a day. drink plenty of water. My suggestion is to follow a weight watcher diet.
  • 50-70 people try to walk for 1 hour, limit your food, replace your night food with food supplements. Drink Plenty of water, fruits, take an adequate slip. keep smiling and happy. Life is a dream.don't compare your special life with others
  • 70+ people should eat fruits and light food, easy to digest.
Dieters-Let me know about your dieting journey. 

Do you have any more questions about any particular Diet? Please mail.
Join Diet awareness community Eat-Exact. Share your experience with the world.





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