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10-Best Low carbs Food for lose weight

What is low carb?

As per the American health science authority recommendation, a man should maintain 1500-1800 calories and women should maintain 1200-1500 calories with a balance of 450 calories to maintain recommended weight and energy. 
we have some delicious low carb snacks for you.we tried to choose the easiest to make and help to maintain weight to can carry, the below snacks in a sealed box, and eat anytime day. it will take 10 minutes to prepare. I know you all searching for something different from ready-made snacks on the counter. such as Ritz,lay's, Doritos, Fritos... 

Caesar, Chicken, Salad, Food, Plate

#1. Chicken Salad:

Preparation: First marinate the chicken breast with some salt Pepper, ginger garlic, little olive oil vinegar, dried thyme, you can also use fresh thyme Red chili flakes, let it marinate and rest for around 15-20 mins.
  Start preparing the dressing for the salad in a large bowl, add the mayonnaise and the yogurt. The combination of both really gives a nice and creamy texture to the salad. Next add the lime juice Olive oil, mustard sauce, fresh cilantro, and mix well. Mix little salt as well, make a thick yet flowing consistency Put it in the fridge to chill in a bowl, mix in the onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. You can use other vegetables of our choice as well.
  Now heat olive oil in a non-stick pan. Place the chicken breast onto it. Let it cook on each side for 2-3 mins Flip it to the other side and check if it did. cool and cut it into strips. Now comes in the assembling part Mix the vegetables, chicken strips into the dressing, and give it a good mix to coat well. Also, add in the celery Add in the walnuts, almonds over here. Now the healthy and beautiful chicken salad is ready to plate.

#2.Egg Salad.

Eggs, Tomatoes, Fry, Mix, Grilled, Dish
Boil 6 eggs, remove shell and yellow, cut in small pieces. Cut 2 medium size tomatoes in small pieces.take 2 teaspoons of crush roasted peanuts & almonds. take finely chopped boiled green pepper. Take 2 tablespoons of greek yogurt. Mix all this well. add a pinch of black pepper to spice up, add salt, mix it well. Your egg salad is ready to serve.

#3.Prawns Salad:

Salad, Seafood, Prawns, Dressing, Tomato

Take 6-7 pieces of boiled prawns,1 teaspoon of chopped tomatoes,3 pieces of boiled macaroni,1 Tablespoon of ground peanuts,1 tablespoon of finely chopped cilantro, add a pinch of black pepper, mix all this mixture and take in a bowl. squeeze 1/4 the lemon in it. little salt. give a good mix to it. your best high protein low carb breakfast is ready to serve.

#4.Chicken barbeque:

Chicken, Skewers, Meat, Food

This is the best high protein low carb snack. Take 6 pieces of chicken breast, marinated with spices, chili, black pepper, lemon. don't add salt as chicken has enough salt. Roast all chicken .eat with dipping in tomato sauce. and serve.  

#5 falafel hummus:

Falafel, Humus, Smoked Paprika

This is one of the best snacks from Arabs. To make falafel, take1 bowl of chickpeas which has overnight soaked in water, grind it to a medium consistency, add salt and chili powder as per your choice.mix it all well. Make small dumplings and deep-fry it. To make Hummus grind 1 bowl of chickpeas which have overnight soaked in water, grind slowly, with adding 1 tablespoon olive oil in it, maintaining consistency of paste.take in a plate add olive oil on top, sprinkle some salt and chili powder as per your taste. Eat falafel with hummus.


Mohinga, မုန့်ဟင်းခါး, Myanmar

Mohinga is a breakfast dish from Southern Myanmar (Asia). The main ingredients of mohinga is crushed roasted rice or chickpea flour, garlic, fish paste, shallots, lemongrass, banana tree stem, ginger, onions, fish sauce).it is served as rice vermicelli in a rich broth of cooked fish, dressed and garnished with fish sauce,, squeeze of lime, crisp fried onion, cilantro, crushed red chili, crisped fried fritters of boiled egg.

#7.Meat bacon egg

Food, Pizza, Meat, Bacon, Egg, Dough
First, cook up some nitrate-free bacon. chop it, whisk together with eggs, almond milk, salt, for topping use cooked meat fillets, tomatoes, mushrooms, cilantro, top it off with cheese.bake it until top layer begins to become brown and, let set to warm, serve the best snack.

#8.Tuna-corn-bean salad

Salad, Beans, Corn, Fish, Tuna, Food

Take 3 teaspoons of shaded canned tuna pieces, heat up to roast in a pan,sprinkle olive oil on it, add 1 teaspoon of boiled corn, add1 teaspoon of boiled peanuts, add 2 teaspoons of boiled green bean beans
sprinkle some chili powder & salt as per your taste. enjoy the best low carb snacks.

#9.Scrambled egg-sausage sandwich:

Food, Breakfast, Sausage, Scrambled Egg

Take 2 scrambled eggs (2egges beaten and stirred in a pan while heating),  Take 1 chicken sausage fry on a pan with olive oil, roast1 big tomato in pan, slice it as your choice, toast wheat bread in the pan.
make a sandwich as shown in the picture. add some cilantro , sprinkle some black pepper and salt on the sandwich. enjoy the best low carb snacks/breakfast.

#9 Thalipith & chutney:

Thali pith. multi-grain flatbread  with coconut chutney

This is an Indian snack/breakfast. take multi-grain flour mix well in a bowl with water and pinch of salt and chili powder if you like spice. make small balls out of the dough. roll press these balls to flatbread, roast on pan well from both it with coconut mixed with chili and salt or yogurt or sauce as per 
your taste.enjoy the best low carb snack/breakfast.

#10 Taco Salad.

Salad, Taco Salad, Mexican, Sharp, Food 

In this salad, we will use, boiled nuts of your choice(peanuts, chickpea, kidney beans..)mix with spices roast on fry pan add pinch of salt.boiled corn, finely chopped tomatoes, finely chopped shallots, finely chopped cabbage, low-fat cream & tortilla crackers. make layers of all as shown in the picture and serve the delicious snacks at any time.

I have many more delicious snacks from all over the world, in stock for you.let me know in comments or mail me if you are interested in any particular snack. i will surely send to you.


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