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Are you looking for Ready to eat Chapati?

 Let us check how soft the chapati made.

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Description of making chapati –

First, we have to knead the dough. take a 1/2 a glass of water in a glass of 250 ml.

Take 1 glass of atta (wheat flour). Pour the 1/2 glass of water into a wide bowl. Add enough salt Add 1 tbsp of olive oil into the water (optional). You can add any oil you prefer. If you don't want to add oil, skip this step A small amount of oil gives a perfect texture for the dough Mix. Add 1/2 of the atta into the water Mix them well. In this way, we can easily knead the dough in any large quantity. The atta and water blend very quickly in this way. It’s difficult to knead the dough in the usual way. It's difficult to tell you the exact amount of water required to knead the dough Because some changes would definitely be there. Knead the dough well and keep it closed for about 20 minutes. The consistency of the dough should not be too soft. It’s very easy to make chapati.

When you touch it, it should not be too soft and not so hard It should be in medium consistency. In a tight container, place the dough and keep it aside for 20 minutes. let's roll the dough into the form of a chapati 20 minutes are done. Take a rolling board. Make small balls out of the whole dough. Tip: make chapati in very small size, thus we can make chapati very quickly It's easy to roll small size chapati, it’s easy to cook and we can make more chapati.

It's Optional to add hot water or milk to knead the dough. It totally depends on the people who make it. With this measurement, you can make 11 chapati. Now let's roll them one by one. Take one ball and spread some flour on the top of the rolling board. It's just to avoid sticking the dough on the rolling board. Just give a press to the ball with your hands and place it on the rolling board. Then just dip the dough in the flour and place it on the rolling board Slowly and gently spread the dough into the round shape of a chapati. Roll the chapatis confidently without worrying about the shape.

 Once 1st chapati is ready, roll the remaining also in the same way. Make sure that the thickness of the chapati should be even in each portion Both the middle portion and the sides should have the same thickness. Do not roll them into a very thin size. Even if you are making it in a medium-size, do not make it too thin When you put this chapati on a pan. the middle portion may not touch the pan and look like an uncooked chapati, it’s because the middle portion is very thin. make the chapati in an even structure.

 Roll the remaining chapatis, in the same way, Keep the rolled one on a plate. use a cast iron pan. Let the pan heat enough. When it is medium hot, we can start cooking the chapati. Do not roll the chapati using more flour. If you are making it with this consistency, you don't have to roll them with more flour. If the dough has more water content, we need to add more flour while rolling it So we can reduce the amount of flour. on the hot pan Keep the flame in medium When the white color starts to change, flip the chapati quickly. Now turn the flame into high. When small bubbles start to form, flip it again very quickly. Now with a spatula gently press the chapati.

Then it will puff up like a balloon which indicates that your chapati has a perfect consistency. cook them in high flame but flip them very quickly. If you keep it for long, it becomes dark brown color and also becomes hard. The chapati will be puffed up very nicely. So do the remaining chapati in the same way. everyone should try it at home Its very easy to make.

Chapati can be made out of a mix of different flours for new bread recipes of your choice. You can eat chapati in any bread roll having an egg, vegetables, fish in breakfast. even in any meal, you can use it in any cuisine.

Chapati is the freshest Indian bread with good fiber, carbs, and vitamins. this is a staple part of daily meals in India. This is the best food in a vegetarian diet.

Ready to Eat Chapati.

In today’s busy schedule we don’t have enough time to make fresh chapati made at there are 2 types of ready to eat chapati options available in the market.

1.    Half cooked, frozen ready to east chapati. These are frozen chapati separated with plastic paper to avoid sticking together. normally available in a pack of 10-20 make to ready to eat, you need to heat on pan both sides, to serve hot. This could be a good option for the family at home.

2.    Full cooked frozen ready to eat chapati. These are also frozen, but you can eat by heating up in a microwave oven for 1-2 minutes. and it would be ready to eat.

Some of the better-quality brands available in the market are below, make sure to check the expiry dates and manufacturing dates, as if the manufacturing unit is in India, calculate the logistic time and genuine expiry dates.

You can also have ready to eat chapati made out of different flours such as millets (bajra).

Eat Chapati (Indian bread) is staple food for most of the part of is full of healthy fibre and vitamin.

Try to make your own chapati/poli/roti and let me know how was your experience.


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