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Why people who eat veg do not like non veg?

 I am not convinced to validate that "vegetarians are repulsed with non-veg". I know many people who are vegetarians eating non-veg. The fact is that how they have grown-up. How their eating habits gradually became a culture of taste buds. vegetable or non-veg has its own taste. Vegetarians have a feeling in mind that they are killing animals or the hurt soul of an animal by eating which keeps them away from non-veg. This is also a part of the cultural upbringing with whom they grew up. Some of them have medical reasons for not having non-veg. I f we think that vegetables have no soul it's wrong. In fact, their body also has feelings but they can't express or speak or shout the way humans feel like hurt. So I strongly believe that idea of killing or hurting a soul is more painful in veg than nov-veg. S econdly, if you want to eat non-veg they are bland in taste or tasteless. All the taste has to come from vegetables or seasoning from some or another type of spice. E

How to make instant whipped cream coffee-tiktok coffee-Dalgona coffee at home.

Making whipped coffee at home.

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  I'm sharing with you how to make whipped coffee which is the TikTok viral coffee that is going around and trending right now. But we are going to make it a little bit healthier. It's a deliciously frothy coffee, that you can definitely make at home. So you're going to need a couple packets of instant coffee. 
Instant coffee is super important in this recipe because it reacts differently than your normal ground coffee you can definitely change this out for any instant coffee you have on hand.
The general ratio in order to make this frothy coffee is two tablespoons of everything or two packets of the instant coffee along with the sweetener and the water so to make this a bit healthier.
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LeConte o monk fruit sweetener is the best, you may use coconut sugar, date sugar or maple sugar. 
then we're adding in a couple tablespoons of water. 
This is the ratio you need two of everything then you're going to go ahead and whisk it you can definitely do it by hand they say you need about 400 whisks, or Whisk the mixture with an electronic whisker for 5 minutes.don't use blender or mixer to whisk it as it will not work and It will remain watery and will not show any foamy texture. 

Coffee, Dalgona, Specialty, Home, Drink

If you have a mixer it does come together a lot quicker it only takes about a minute. if you use a mixer attachment. so go ahead and keep doing that until it gets nice and frothy and it'll slowly start to thicken up and get nice and fluffy.
Once it is nice and fluffy set that to the side and then just using some unsweetened almond milk 

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pouring over some ice and then you just have to a spoon over the top you're a nice frothy coffee mixture.
It creates these beautiful layers definitely like stirring in the froth into the milk afterwards because it makes it really light and fluffy but overall this is definitely a healthier version of the viral TikTok coffee that is going on right now it's whipped and delicious and definitely easy to make at home.
Coffee, Dalgona, Specialty, Home, Drink

  Garnish with cocoa powder, coffee powder, choco chips. So if you want to make whipped coffee at home definitely try this one out so I hope you guys liked that whipped coffee recipe.



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