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Super foods for healthy diet plan for weight loss?


  •  Spinach:


 This popular leafy vegetable if the probe in iron fiber vitamin A the C. E beta carotene and calcium content it is necessary to nourish your body with a half cup of spinach every day to get approximately 20 percent nutrient. It is an essential diet especially for women as they are more prone to anemia either green ideas that can render.


  •  Kale


This lettuce anyone questioning red-meat. if you are a non-vegetarian red-meat such as beef, chicken and ham can prove to be a great source. It can provide you a few irons which is much easier to be absorbed by the body. It is prudent to buy iron-fortified supplements and other B vitamins.

  • Peanuts


Simply consume a handful of peanuts every day to fulfil the daily requirement to buy a home health the peanut butter will also perform the same. eat a peanut butter sandwich with a glass and toast especially with orange juice every day in breakfast to enrich yourself with 0.6 milligrams of iron.

  • A whole-grain bread


whole grain bread

A slice of whole grain bread is said to provide 6 percent at the daily requirement. whole grain breads are very good source 


  • Citrus fruits;

citrus fruits
citrus fruits

There are some great citrus fruits that are beneficial in this health condition. Pomegranates have fiber and potassium. tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C that is effective in treating anemia drink a glass. Carrots, sweet potatoes every day to get nutrients like beta-carotene and vitamin E are also helpful. remember not to take any aerated or caffeinated drink with this as it can obstruct the process in the simulation in the body. Apple had eight these kinds of vitamins that are also useful in boosting the level of iron. Apples are rich in iron and by adding an apple a day in your diet will be helpful in treating anemia.these will also help in weight loss

  • Honey


Honey is extremely affectionate and vital for the entire body, if your intake 100 grams of honey you will be enriched 0.42 milligrams of iron. you can increase the level hemoglobin in the body a glass of fresh lemon juice mixed with honey in the morning. Keep this homey mixture in copper overnight and drink in the morning will help to boost iron in the body.

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