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How easy to prepare Weekly Healthy meal plan for family.?

 Healthy meal preparation is great to help stay on track, but a lot of people still have to cook for more than just themselves, so how can that be done? It’s hard to please everyone, everyone’s lifestyle and schedules are different, so I’m going to give you some tips and ideas that you can take and make your own for a family. we are avoiding oil or fat in preparation.

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Weekly Healthy meal plan is for “2kids + 2 adults”-family.

·         Preparation for breakfast,

 You can stock overnight oats for the isn’t really feasible to store them all individually. Instead, storing it in bulk, in a large container, we are mixing oats, sliced almonds, raisins, coconut sugar, chia seeds, cinnamon, and salt. Mix it well, it’s easiest to just shake the whole thing, and it’s ready to go in a large storage container to keep for the week. no messy dishes! You can of course adjust the add-ins to your family’s preferences, you could have a “kids “and “adults” container if you prefer different ingredients. The tough work is now done!

  The night before, all I have to do is scoop out some of the oats from the large bulk bin into a small jar, add milk, stir, and refrigerate! It’s much easier to scoop the pre-made mix than to measure everything out each night. In the morning, it’s ready to go! You can add your favorite toppings and enjoy!

·         Preparation for lunch,

  I’m sharing a really well-designed hack—freezer sandwiches! Sandwiches are also great because you can adjust for everyone’s preferences, and you can switch them up throughout the week so you don’t get bored with the same combos every day. Some fillings freeze well, and some don’t. I’m going to give you three combos to get started with and share some tips to help, but I do encourage you to get creative and make your favorite sandwiches.

 #1 Butter sandwich.

   Have fun with different types of bread, even pita and tortillas can work just fine to switch up the style and flavor! We are going to spread almond butter on one side in a nice thick layer. On the other side, add a really thin layer of nut butter—this is going to act like a “raincoat” of sorts, to keep the jelly from seeping through the bread when we freeze and thaw the sandwich. Then we can dollop on our jelly, spread, and assemble. Add to a labeled zip-top freezer bag, make sure to get all the air out so there aren’t any gaps. To store, place them all in a larger freezer-safe bag OR just back into the sandwich bag liner. Then you can freeze for up to two months! Simply thaw out the sandwich the night before in the fridge, or you could even go straight from the freezer to the lunchbox.

#2 Turkey sandwich:

   We are using different varieties for different people! Meat and cheese freeze well, but low-fat cheese doesn’t tend to hold up as well, so go for full-fat varieties if you’re going to freeze. The key here is to place your condiments on the inside of your filling ingredients. we are spreading hummus on cheese, and mustard on turkey. you can then sandwich those together in the middle, so the condiments aren’t touching the bread. Again, this will help keep it from getting soggy! Package up. You may add some veggies on turkey and cheese sandwich, but since they don’t freeze well, you can simply add a little sandwich “kit” to the lunchbox, that can then add the day of! It’s got some sliced tomato and cucumber to give my sandwich a little more flavor, nutrition,

#3 Tuna salad sandwich:

  First, we need to stock the tuna salad. We’ve got canned tuna, dried onions, now traditionally, you see mayo in tuna salad, but oil doesn’t freeze so well. We will use Greek yogurt in tuna salad all the time for a nutritional boost, but that doesn’t freeze well either. Hummus, however, is a great creamy substitute that will freeze. add some cracked black pepper. depending on the salt levels of your other ingredients, you may also want to add salt to your preferences. To keep the bread from getting soggy this time, we are using thinly sliced cheese on either side of the bread and then sandwiching the tuna salad in the middle. Freeze it up! Now another cool thing about freezer sandwiches is you can also heat these if you want. if you are eating these at home or at an office where you have an oven, you can totally turn these sandwiches into grilled variations by adding a little butter and frying it, can easily turn the tuna salad into a tuna melt! you’ll be very impressed with the results. It’s pretty neat, and it’s a fun way to keep switching up meals throughout the week.

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 #Add some snacks to lunch:

 Hummus with veggie dippers. you can choose bell peppers, celery, carrots, as per your family favorites. Again, rather than storing in individual jars you can simply portion them out, and using some tricks—hummus in the bottom of a jar for dipping with veggies on top, also pre-portioning some nuts since these are easy to store in the pantry, and if you pre-portion, so much less likely to over-do it later. mixed berries, clementine, or bananas that are ready to pack day-of can add. This is so easy to throw together, and everyone gets what they want! For some additional afternoon snacks, use boiled eggs. some air-popped popcorn! no oils needed, so it keeps this whole-grain snack healthy! You can also season these to the family’s taste preferences.

 #A few different flavor combinations:

1.    Add salt with parsley flakes to one mix.

2.    Nutritional yeast and salt for a cheesy flavor to another mix.

3.    Chili lime seasoning, and salt and cinnamon for a sweeter taste.

4.    Spices to make it really easy to keep things interesting without added fat.

5.    Popcorn will last a week or two once popped but remember that air-popped popcorn. doesn’t tend to be as crispy as oil-popped.

6.    Also, bag apple for anyone who wants them throughout the week as an extra snack.

·         Preparation for dinner.

Rather than prepping dinner in advance for the entire week at once, it easy with some slow cooker and one-pan meals. First, take some basic rice with a bit of fresh cilantro for flavor, and quinoa with fresh parsley. It can store them for the week and serve along with meals. The slow-cooker meals are a minimum of 8 servings each, so they’ll last two days each for my family, and they’re freezer-friendly,

#1: slow cooker chili.

To a freezer-safe bag, add chicken, which is completely optional and not necessary if you prefer a vegetarian or vegan dish, onion, black beans, white beans, red kidney beans, diced tomatoes, canned green chiles, minced garlic, paprika, chili powder, cumin, oregano, and salt. Seal it up and freeze! Or, if you’re going to use it the next day, you can refrigerate. Thaw it out in the fridge the night before you are ready to use it and then all you have to do is add it into the slow cooker, along with frozen corn, and frozen bell peppers to make shopping life easier! Let it go all day while you’re at work, or throw it in when you’re back from work for a few hours before dinner. Serve over your parsley quinoa, and add Greek yogurt as sour cream,

#2:slow cooker Black bean fajitas:

  A meal is perfect for vegan. To my freezer-safe bag, add sliced bell peppers, diced tomatoes, canned black beans, sliced onion, chili powder, cumin, paprika, red pepper flakes for a kick and salt and stock it. You could of course also add chicken or beef if you prefer, to have the extra protein. Same as before, freeze and thaw out the night before using. Cook in the slow cooker all day or just for a few hours, and serve with tortillas, toppings, and your cilantro rice for a fun fajita dinner! you could also just serve this as a salad over greens, or as a rice bowl.

#3:one-pan sheet dinner-vegan:

 For this meal, you could make the sheet pan dinner and then store it for the week. or you could prepare the items you need and store them, and then quickly bake it up before dinner. It’s up to you. I used store-bought pre-cut butternut squash and Brussels sprouts to make my life easier. Either way, you’re going to line a baking sheet with parchment and add butternut squash, Brussels sprouts (or whatever vegetables your family prefers), use two sheet pans because one wouldn’t fit four servings worth, but I can still throw it all in the oven together. add olive oil to the vegetables and season with salt and pepper. add some chili powder to the squash and then tossed to coat.

#4. one-pan sheet dinner-chicken:

For this meal, you could make the sheet pan dinner and then store it for the week. or you could prepare the items you need and store them, and then quickly bake it up before dinner. It’s up to you. I used store-bought pre-cut butternut squash and Brussels sprouts to make my life easier. for the chicken just as above and simply brushed with a low-sugar barbeque sauce. Bake in an oven preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25 to 30 minutes, until the chicken is cooked through to 170 degrees Fahrenheit and the veggies are roasted!


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