Best Indian food that make you lose weight.

Weight loss and Indian food.

Indian veg food, weight loss

 Why are we so obsessed with weight loss? I stay with a person who eats 5 times a day with no regret of putting on. I always pay extra to auto, with thanks for carrying the load to the destination. In fact, she is my live program to observe, how the phrase “live for eating, rather eat for living” actually works. It inspires me to research on which Indian foods are best for weight gain and which are the best weight loss.

Indian food is designed for weight loss.

What makes us gain weight? keep on eating even our body doesn't need to.  Studies say, eating is a process controlled by our brain, which triggers by sensory organs. We eat just for sake of passing time or intuition from our senses. ¼ of the food we eat keeps you live and ¾ keeps doctors alive.

Eyes: even watching some shit of food recipes on youtube or tv program, you feel to eat the same. While walking in the market watching fish, meat, veggies, you feel buy and eat. Even if you watch adv on TV, you will think about how early I could eat the same. Your eyes will catch so many products on the shelf and all are so well presented that you want them all to buy. 1.7 $trillion spend on food advertising only in the US, which is made to eat shit of food which is not fresh.

Smell: if you smell something from any cooking facility, you will have the impulse to eat . even you walk by a restaurant, will make you feel eating. While at weddings, parties in a restaurant, we eat because of smell and not hunger.

Ears: this is also hidden culprit, who trigger your feel of eating, just by listening some great words about some shit of recipe, which might be or mostly not made for you.

Diet myths: man needs 2000 calories & women need 1800 calories with 450 calories for daily maintenance. I am failed to understand. how someone else could decide how much I want to all depend on my physical condition, cultural habits, naturally grown food around me.

Indian food is well diverse, having a fantastic taste, developed and accepted, as a regional and cultural brand. Is has the largest variety of vegetarian recipes in the changes every 250 kilometers. It is amazing. Most of the world knows mainly, what only a north part of India is eating. that is 20%.

Coming to the main subject, which food is good for weight loss. After 10 years of research on eating habits and physical conditions, I am convinced of the fact that, eat, what your generations have eaten, and keep active. If you can not keep active cut your diet to half, as it is not required for you, what you feel is a trigger from your brain, not always hunger.

Some myths and facts.

 Rice is the staple diet of south and coastal India, Myanmar, African countries in which people are not fat. In north potato is a prominent part of the diet. which does not make fat. Quantity of food is the main reason of put on weight with no physical activity.

Spices used in Indian food keeps you slim and any Indian food which does not make you feel with small quantity such as, Maida (Nan, Paratha) should replace by wheat chapati without any added soda. You can eat any vegetarian dishes from India, there are lots of vegetarian dishes which are best for weight loss. Moreover, I will cover some of the prominent food you can eat for weight loss due to their specific remedial properties.

#Leafy vegetable- Better than Kale.

·         Palak (spinach) masala (Not Palak paneer)-spinach is full of vitamin K, C, D, iron, calcium, potassium. it has a high content of fiber, best for weight loss. It will reduce bacterial infection, anemia. Avoid paneer as it is Lacto and some people get the gaseous effects from Lacto fermentation.

·         Methi (fenugreek leaf) mutter-This is the best fiber vegetable, support to clean your gut. Fenugreek is rich in iron, dietary fiber, protein, magnesium, manganese.

·         Mustard (Sarso) – Sarso ka sag-have best dilatory fiber keeps your cholesterol level low, high calcium, vitamin A, E, C & K.

·         Radish leaf-you can prepare a good recipe using radish & onium. Cut in both finely chopped and sauté in olive oil add some salt and grated coconut. radish leaf has a significant amount of vitamin C, Vitamin K, flavonoids. - recipes- muli thepla, muli-salad, muli ki sabzi.


-lentil is a legume family variety of beans and peas have a high amount of dietary fiber (35%)And protein (18%) best used in a variety of Indian cuisine. Best for weight loss.

·        Chickpea- a variety of Indian recipes can be made from chickpea. Some names are-Chana masala, chole bhathure, boiled Chana salad, Chana Palak, Chana fritter.

·         Legume. Recipes made out of legume are-mix legume curry. vegetable legume Vada(fritter), sprout curry, sambar-south Indian,

·         Lentil soup. a staple diet of an Indian meal.

·         Dal. Yellow dal or red dal, cooked plan with some added onion and red chili for spicy or sugar for sweet as per taste.

·         Kidney beans- masala or rajma chawal (North Indian cuisine). It is the best meal which is healthy. Full of fiber and proteins.

·         White beans-chavli- masala-eastern Indian cuisine, cooked with garam masala can eat with chapati or rice as a staple meal.

·         Mung bean- eastern Indian best spicy dish made out of chavli is missal which is staple breakfast

·         Pea- aloo mutter- best cooked with fresh green chili, garlic, and other common ingredients for decent spice, best to eat with chapati, poori

·         Thali pith- Eastern Indian specialty dish made out of 4-5 types flour of roasted lentil. Serve as flat-bread, fry roast with chutney or sauce.

 These are only 20% of Indian cuisine, a glimpse of Indian veg recipes for weight loss. There are more from the north and west India. You can eat any type of Indian veg cuisine for weight loss. Taste is so unique that be careful about overeating and put on weight instead of losing.


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