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How your cellphone track your health?

Artificial Intelligence to track your weight loss. AI. . Artificial intelligence has become a key role player in our daily life. Till today we were searching for the best app to work for us. Applications are available to track our health parameters. Record your weight, height, lifestyle type, daily activities, and provide a suitable diet plan to keep your weight at the desired level. T he approach to maintain the desired goal is not a big task anymore. Technology can track your records and provide appropriate recorded solutions as per your desired results.  The development of technology has come to such fascinating results that, you will see all of your social habits, activities will be monitored and give you suggestions on diet. F urther to this, A small microchip will be fixed in the skin, which will monitor and control your brain and give you command, what you have to eat drink, or exercise, according to your previous activities.  This will help us to manage our daily