Why people who eat veg do not like non veg?

 I am not convinced to validate that "vegetarians are repulsed with non-veg".

I know many people who are vegetarians eating non-veg. The fact is that how they have grown-up. How their eating habits gradually became a culture of taste buds. vegetable or non-veg has its own taste. Vegetarians have a feeling in mind that they are killing animals or the hurt soul of an animal by eating which keeps them away from non-veg. This is also a part of the cultural upbringing with whom they grew up. Some of them have medical reasons for not having non-veg.

If we think that vegetables have no soul it's wrong. In fact, their body also has feelings but they can't express or speak or shout the way humans feel like hurt. So I strongly believe that idea of killing or hurting a soul is more painful in veg than nov-veg.

Secondly, if you want to eat non-veg they are bland in taste or tasteless. All the taste has to come from vegetables or seasoning from some or another type of spice. Eating non-veg items has limitation to eat as a variety of items are very limited. So both the way eating a vegetable is tastier and have more variety.

Vegetarians have the choice to have a wide range of tastes and there are a variety of items to eat. So vegetarians are getting so habitual to having different types of food than non-veg. and to make them fully nonveg I same as to eat bland and tasteless food. Arabic food is bet example of having non-veg food which is so tasteless for vegetarians that without adding some spice pickle they can not eat.

So the main fact is that pure non-veg food is so bland without any spice or veg additive, that to start with would be not a good idea for vegetarians. The fun fact is that non-veg has more protein required for human beings.


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