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Beautiful people upto 16.Eat yummy food and enjoy playing.

 What do you think? Children of 13-14 need any diet plan?

This is the same as a question asking the new car owner to maintain the car and control its running and observe how is its performance? Let the car run at its pick throttle.

Kids Diet

Same with kids of 13-14 age. Let them eat as they like as they digest. in fact, our body responds to how the food we have eaten was is the best solution for any kid. we just have to keep watch on his behavior and understand the connection with the food he has eaten. let them enjoy the flavor of natural food.

keep watch on what he ate is good quality and soft to digest, natural, vegetable, fruits. Normally small kids can easily digest warm milk, fruits, rice soft not push them to eat pretending they are hungry. I have seen many moms are the best connected with their kids and they realize when the kid is hungry when he is tired and sleepy. but most of the time caring nature of mom feed the kid more than his need at the particular time.

I would suggest let the kid eat some amount less than his hunger, which will make digestion easy and hungry. In turn, it will keep kids always fit healthy, and smart. I hope most of the mom agrees with me. the doctor says kids' meals must have protein 2-4 ounces, grains 3-5 ounces, diary 2 cups, fruits 2 cups. encourage your kid to eat fat-free dairy products. limit eating pasta, bread.

let the kid have got enough sleep. which is more important than diet.don't disturb and avoid the environment with noise and tension.don't fight in front of kids. it has a serious impact on kids' health. even if you keep a great diet and keep the kid restless it will end up with disaster and serious health damage to the kid.



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