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Veggies of beautiful Kashmiri gyawun

 Vegetables in Kashmir. 

Kashmir is one of the best lands for veggies. the climate of Kashmir is cold and it is very important for some precious quality Vegetables. we can not grow some vegetables in hot weather. The cold climate itself has some water 💦 content in the weather which keeps vegetables fresh and green.

Most green leaves vegetables that have medical properties are found in parts of the Kashmir valley. some of the great veggies are

1.Pappermint or pudieni:

This is combination of mentha and piperita.This is one of the most useful medicial herbs.its oil is uses for aromatherapy.It has plesent aroma.This is used in Indian food as sauce called chutney.This is very useful for cough and also used in curry.Mentha oil has big demand and cost around 30 $/lt.It gives soothing effect on the skin and mucous membrane of body, becomes useful component in pharmaceuticals.Scientists tested peppermint oil on bacteria like salmonella,E. coli and listeria.

2.Kale or leafy cabbage or Haakh

Kale is one of the most famous vegetables grows in Kashmir. this is so much tasty. this is called haakh in Kashmir and sag in Urdu. This is a cabbage family plant and easily found in Kashmir. This has an earthy flavor and crispy to eat has peculiar spice taste. This is recommended in a weight-loss diet. This is a major ingredient in becomes sweet in taste once it's can be cultivated at -15 cold weather. This plant can be grown once in a year.

3.Monj Hakh or naul koal or Kale collard.

Monj haakh or cabbage turnip or naul caul is usually found in Kashmir with the stem and leaves attached to the bulb. The bulb can be cooked or eaten raw, but the leaves need to cook well before serving. This is mostly used in Indian,German, Chinese cuisine.

4.waangun or brinjal or eggplant 🍆.

Eggplant or waagun in the Kashmiri language is one of the most famous vegetables grown in Kashmir. Most commonly purple, the spongy, absorbent fruit is used in several Kashmiri cuisine. The most famous Indian dish of eggplant is baigan Barata.

5.Tomato or tamatur or ruwaangun

Toamatos orTamatur

Tomatoes are mostly growing in lower areas along the sides of the road such as Ramgarh, Assar, Jathi, Malhori, Khellani, etc. in the Kashmiri language it is called tamatur. This is used in most Indian cuisine. it is a wonderful facemask used in cosmetic treatment.

6.Onion or ganndi or praan.

Praan or onion from kashmir

 Palhallan village of Baramulla district in north Kashmir is famous for productive onion saplings across Kashmir. A thin cover of this onion leave, particular juicy flavor of the onion intact. wild onion or praan is highly medicinal produced in Kashmir.

Below are some more amazing vegetables found in Kashmir.

7.Ginger or adrakh.

8.Turnip or gogji

9.Raddish or muj

10.Cucumber or laur

11.Cabage or bandh gobi

12.Cauliflower or phool gobi

13.Beet root or chukander

14.French beans or rajma hyembi

15.Green peas or matar

16.Okra or bhindi

17.Pumkin or gol aall

18.Spanich or Palakh

19.Potato or oolu

20.Bell pepper or shimla mirch

21.Fenugreek or meethe

22.Lemon or nyomb

23.Chilies or marchiwangan

24.Mushroom or haeddar

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