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Beautiful people! Stop dieting and start eating and drinking.

 Can we lose weight by eating this and drinking that?


A most common question from patients is- what should I eat and drink to lose weight. This is the same question how to keep a bottle lighter even after filling it?.

Our weight management plan follows ayurvedic theories on diet. It has three main types of issues or doshas in bodies-wata, pitta and Kaffa (Fat). This is called tattva in Ayurveda. Balancing these three in your body is possible by using the ideal food and the drink you take. When we have any of these three extra in our body, the body will start showing the symptoms, which we call disease.

Our body is made of five elements. Air (Vayu), Water (Jala), Agni (Fire), Space (Akash) & Earth ( Prithvi). An imbalance of any of these elements will make you sick. Balancing differs from person to person. one person may not be affected by eating one food but others may get affected. This is because of some factors such as our forefathers, our DNA genes, environment, which are applicable to all of us.

For weight loss, There are certain food and drinks you have to take and avoid as per your ancestors, environment. I would stress some of the points you have to focus on.

1.Always eat the same food which your ancestor has eaten. you will always feel happy and fresh. your body will always keep you hungry and active at the same time. you will never feel full and bloated. if your grandparents are eating wheat and you eat rice for any reason or vice versa, your health will show the symptoms. if your parents eating more veggies than meat and you eat more meat and fewer veggies, you will definitely feel full, bloated, and lazy.

Eat less while you are having a meal. Never ever eat till you get full. keep some space. It is the same way we always keep some space for air before sealing any package, whether it is a bottle or box. if you could not do it you are making yourself bloat. your body will expand like a balloon. your skin will get fatty by expanding and maintain the same shape for a long time. the elasticity of our body will have stretch marks after bloating.

Drink liquid before eating maybe soup, water, or any liquid, preferably warm liquid. the cold liquid will feel you fully. the warm liquid will maintain your digestion system warm and there will be no sudden diverse impact on your digestion system.

Never eat without hunger and never avoid eating while you are hungry. start with warm liquid. eat slowly feel your food not distract your mind by mobile phone or chatting while eating. The mind will take 5 minutes to tell you are full, so play smart with your mind eat slowly, with the speed of mind.

Walk at least 30-40 minutes, if you are lazy in exercise. some yoga exercises are showing fantastic results in weight loss.

We have 8 different diets as per the requirement of the person. If you need personal effective treatment on weight loss, please drop us a mail with your details and desire to lose weight, we will certainly help you in your desire.
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