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How to cook Gharge-tasty vegetarian dish? Marathi food recipe of gharge

  Let's see how to make bhopalyache gharage.  Let's begin with gharage. For making gharage take 2 cups wheat flour. add a teaspoon of nutmeg powder.   Any type of puri turns out fantastic if made from ready-made flour. If you make puri from this flour at home then puris turn out crispy. They puff up nicely. Also, these don't become too oily. 3/4 cup finely chopped jaggery. You can use grated jaggery too. 1 cup grated pumpkin. Peeled and grated the pumpkin. 2 tsp rice flour, 1/4 tsp nutmeg powder, 1/2 tsp fennel seeds, Fennel seeds are optional. Salt to taste. We will also need 1 tsp ghee. Add ghee into a pan and let's cook the pumpkin. Add grated pumpkin and fry for about 2 minutes in ghee. After frying pumpkin for 2 minutes in ghee add jaggery, a pinch of salt, Mix well. After mixing well with jaggery you can see jaggery begins to release moisture. Cook for about 5-7 minutes until pumpkin cooks soft with jaggery.                          cook pumpkin mixture for about

Why do face become less symmetrical with age?

    F acial symmetry.  T hree-dimensional digital imaging techniques reveal subtle but significant age-related increases in facial asymmetry in the lower two-thirds of the faces, according to a new study by ASPS member and surgeon Helena O.B. Asymmetries on both sides of the face increase with age, as a study in the November issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery shows.        T hey identified the highest initial asymmetry and the greatest increase in asymmetry in the lower two-thirds of the face, between the eyebrows and the chin. The results show a subtle but age-related increase in facial asymmetry throughout the face. The increase is most pronounced in the first two-thirds, especially in the eyebrows, nose, nose, and chin compared to the upper third of faces. Asymmetry increases with age in a third of the face (p < 0.001).         R esearchers at Mount Auburn Hospital in Massachusetts calculated the mean square root deviation (RMSD) to quantify the degree of symmetry be


Salt Substitute & Health.       S alt substitutes are low-sodium alternatives marketed to avoid the risks of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease is associated with a high intake of sodium chloride while retaining a similar taste. Most salt substitutes are made with potassium chloride, which tastes similar to sodium chloride.    M ay is national hypertension awareness month, and we would like to emphasize that one of the main causes of hypertension is too much sodium. Remember that the restriction to 1,500 mg of sodium covers all of the sodium per day. Know that over time you will develop a taste for salt in your diet and lose your taste for it. Dehydrated or powdered Salicornia Glass Sword Swamp sold under the Green Salt's brand name is a salt substitute that claims the salty taste of table salt but contains less sodium.        S alt substitute for certain medications, such as the common ACE inhibitor, potassium can spare diuretics, which raise the potassium in

how to check pros and cons raw food diet for dogs?

  A raw dog diet consists of meals that are prepared at home and containing a variety of fresh ingredients including raw meat, muscle and organ tissue, bones, whole or crushed fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, including eggs. Australian veterinarian Ian Billingshurst refers to this as "raw food" or "barf diet" for dogs, which stands for raw bone food or corresponding raw food. The Barf diet is the most popular raw food diet and contains fresh, undercooked meat and bones, fruits, vegetables, herbs, dairy products, whole grains, and minerals. A raw diet is exactly what it sounds like: You feed your dog raw produce such as raw meat, bones, and some vegetables. A dog that eats raw can eat raw eggs, dairy products, yogurt, and dog-safe fruits, vegetables, and grains. A raw diet includes organ meat, muscle meat, whole or ground bones, raw eggs, and dog-friendly fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as dairy products such as yogurt. I n the last few years, a barf die

Reasons for weight gain,weight loss and dark skin after marriage

  R easons for weight gain, weight loss, and dark skin after marriage. J ayme Gill knew the basics of diet and exercise but struggled with the extra pounds. She tried various diets, including low-carb and vegetarian, and while they worked at the beginning, the weight came back and she weighed more in the end. The weight wasn't dropping as fast as she would have liked, but she wasn't upset.       S upport is one of the most important influencing factors in achieving any kind of goal, weight loss included. Gill posted her weight loss journey on Instagram, discovered that she could motivate others, which gave her more motivation to keep going.       M any married couples acknowledge that weight gain is associated with long-term relationships, and a Southern Methodist University study found that happy couples tend to gain weight after marriage. Studies in health psychology have shown that a supportive marital relationship is associated with a healthier midlife body weight. Ther