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How to cook the fish to keep it fresh for three days?

Fish Grill

 Fish is the fastest perishable food on the planet. it has also most traveled for 8-10 hours reach at the coast after catching in the deep sea. The fermentation process starts bad smell around the climate. But unfortunately, we have accepted that bad smell as part of fish. If you are buying from the fresh fish market it will take at least 15 hours to go into the cooking process. longer the delay more chance to perish fish.

If you bought from cold storage, chances are more to get fish better than the open fish is always better to grab fish from the port where fish unload from the boat. Human has invented many ways to preserve food in condition as it was at the time of preservation so that it would last for long. In the case of fish, we found mainly freezing and drying as a widely used process.

Fish Plate

Cooking any food is art and science o heat the food to make it ready for consumption. Broadly there are three ways of cooking dry heat cooking, moist heat cooking, and a combination of two. each of these methods affects food differently. cooking is the shortening time between food and its consumption. Delaying consumption itself is contradict the purpose of cooking. It will give chance to perish, ferment food faster, which in turn become non-edible.

Fish lovers have tried all ways to cook fish to make it tastier. Roast, Grill, barbeque are the easiest ways to cook without much-added flavors and spices, while gravy or making curry has more added ingredients, spices, and more to overcome the bad smell of fish and make fish delicious. To keep the taste intact for long after cooking is quite will change the taste as time passes. In the case of dry fish, cooking does not change or much more damage in fish.

To keep cooked fish for more than three days is quite a difficult task for home cooking. There is a variety of ready-to-heat-cooked fish available on the market, which has added preservatives that might change the original taste of fish. There is a challenge to keep homecooked fish fresh for more than one day. There is a way which is proven and recommended by well-known chefs.

After cooking fish, drop down to room temperature and put in an airtight jar. Keep the jar immediately to most frozen temperature- freezer in not disturb the jar or temperature. whenever you are going to consume the fish remove the jar before 5 hours out of the freeze. let it come to room temperature. Heat slowly, thoroughly, as frozen fish take more time to reheat. This will not damage the taste of fish. The most important part does not re-store the leftover fish again in the freezer. Initially, if you have cooked more quantity store in a separate jar as per the quantity you are going to consume, once you remove the jar from the freezer, do not store again.

If you buy more quantity from the fish port, separate consumable quantity in a separate plastic bag, fill some water in the bag so that fish will deepen in water. Seal the bags and store them in the freezer. It will last at least for a week in fresh condition. you can use these fish whenever you want to consume them. This is a better way to preserve fish rather than store cooked fish.

I am a big fish eater and have tried these by myself. It worked well.

Enjoy your fish.

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