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Will any food seems fresh after 5 days keeping in freezer?

 Freezer and preservation (freshness) of cooked food.


History of preservation

The first evidence of food being preserved through drying can be found as long as 8000 years ago, as evidenced by the discovery of dried fish on a plate in an early Neolithic village in Eastern Jordan. In both ancient Greece and Rome, fishermen used the sun to dry their fish for preservation purposes.

Ways to preserve

Preserving cooked food is a process that involves removing moisture from it through exposure to heat or cold. It is a means of preserving food for a long period of time without refrigeration. There are many ways in which it can be done, but the most widely used methods include dehydration, freeze-drying and vacuum packing.

There are four major methods used to preserve cooked food: dehydration, freeze-drying, vacuum packing and using salt or sugar as a preservative. One of the most popular methods is vacuum packaging where food is sealed inside a plastic bag with the help of a vacuum pump.


The fridge is a fascinating appliance that can be used for a number of purposes. There are many benefits from using the fridge as opposed to freezing, which is one of the most common ways to preserve food. The refrigerator has a wide variety of uses and is an excellent way to keep cooked food for a long period of time.

Freeze drying is a process of removing water from a substance by sublimation, evaporation, or adsorption. It is used to freeze-dry, or "dehydrate" foods and other substances. Freeze-drying is widely used in the food industry for preserving foods of all types. The process can preserve fruits, vegetables, herbs, dairy products (such as milk), meat (such as beef jerky) and fish (including caviar).

Freeze-drying can produce powdered substances that are easily reconstituted into their original solids form when required. If properly freeze-dried food is kept cool and dry conditions are maintained during storage it can be stored for years at room temperature without any noticeable loss of quality or flavor.

This process has been gaining popularity for its ability to preserve the flavor, taste and nutrients in food. The key to freeze drying is controlled atmospheric conditions at -80 degrees Celsius.


Any food once cooked start fermentation. Fermenting process might be slow or fast as per water 
content in food. Study shows that more water content tend to ferment fast after cooking. freezing will slower the process but not stop, so the food which will get damaged within hours can sustain till 2-3 days. if you extend the time it will tend to damage anyways.
In commercial use freezing below -80degree temperature and maintain same can sustain food in cooked condition for long. 


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