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Machine cooked food or human cooked food?

  Machine cooked food.   We are in era of machine made food, chickens, lab made meat. In near future, we will adopt machine made food to satisfy hunger as need to our body. Our taste buds will definitely accept this compromise to our busy routine.  There are two types of artificial food we should be aware of. Machine made food and machine cooked food. Man has developed chemically lab made eggs, vegetables, rice, meat. So, these are chemically processed with exact physical appearance food made to eat and we are already consuming these in beautiful packaging with extended shelf life.  We are ready to compromise our health on the name of modern lifestyle. In fact system has forced to get addicted to such change which is not required. Earth has 70% extra land against 20 % requirement. On the name of invention, we are playing with our health.  Some science enthusiastic may argue on this with achievement of human  development, but if you see in the food racks, we could easily find extra burd