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Best Diet Plans That Will Change Your Mind, Weight & Look.

A re you looking for a change in your mind, weight & look? M ind is always changing by nature as per response to senses, expecting what we experienced is the best to make us happy. There are five major senses-see, touch, hear taste & listen using our sensory organs.70% of sensation used from seeing and listening.  I would like to quote" Weight loss is a mind game".Whatever you receive from your senses changes in your desire. Desire to be the same as you saw or desire to have the same as what you listen to. Social networking brilliantly frames and present to you what they want to sell. I have seen many people who do not follow any "diet rules in their culture" and are surprisingly fit. I was doing Myanmar food culture research. I found it totally opposite to world diet rules. Major consumption of food is rice and any curry with a lot of oil. check below famous Burmese(Myanmar) food.  This is mohinga made out of rice noodles, fried crackers, boiled eggs, fish

Beautiful people! Stop dieting and start eating and drinking.

  C an we lose weight by eating this and drinking that? A most common question from patients is- what should I eat and drink to lose weight. This is the same question how to keep a bottle lighter even after filling it?. Our weight management plan follows ayurvedic theories on diet. It has three main types of issues or doshas in bodies-wata, pitta and Kaffa (Fat). This is called tattva in Ayurveda. Balancing these three in your body is possible by using the ideal food and the drink you take. When we have any of these three extra in our body, the body will start showing the symptoms, which we call disease. Our body is made of five elements. Air (Vayu), Water (Jala), Agni (Fire), Space (Akash) & Earth ( Prithvi). An imbalance of any of these elements will make you sick. Balancing differs from person to person. one person may not be affected by eating one food but others may get affected. This is because of some factors such as our forefathers, our DNA genes, environment, which are ap