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Best seasonal plate-mate for you-Mango

  T he Mango Diet: What It Is, And How It Works Walking around the market. a beautiful flow of yellow orange color seen around. Mangos from various lush farms and a variety of quality and size are around me. I can feel the smell of quality hapus,mankhur,totapuri,payari you name it. all are there in the market. W hat is the mango diet? Mango is one of the favorite fruits in India. Now it has become an Asian fruit. It’s grown in India, Vietnam, China, and other countries and some people just can’t get enough of it. Unfortunately, a lot of Indians are too poor to buy a good mango which means that they’re eating them but not at a good price. This is bad, as mango contains fructose and also provides necessary vitamins and minerals. It is said that eating mangoes on a daily basis will help in weight loss. The key of the mango diet is mango in large quantity. Two or three mangoes a day in large quantity is the key to a successful mango diet. What about mango and weight loss? The effects of ma