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The secret of Indian food that attracts celebrities and becomes part of life.

Celebrities are obsessed with Indian food. Indian veg food, weight loss Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Will Smith...the list is endless  Why are we so obsessed with Indian food? Indian food is well diverse, having a fantastic taste, developed and accepted, as a regional and cultural brand. It has the largest variety of vegetarian recipes in the changes every 250 kilometers. Most of the world knows mainly, what only a north part of India is eating. that is 20%.   Fun fact Indians have so much variety of food, to eat or just taste all, you can say-“live for eating, rather eat for living” actually works. It inspires me to research on which Indian foods are best for weight gain and which are the best for weight loss. Indian food is designed for weight loss. What makes us gain weight? keep on eating even our body doesn't need to.  Studies say, eating is a process controlled by our brain, which triggers by sensory organs. We eat just for sake