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Veggies of beautiful Kashmiri gyawun

  V egetables in Kashmir.  Kashmir is one of the best lands for veggies. the climate of Kashmir is cold and it is very important for some precious quality Vegetables. we can not grow some vegetables in hot weather. The cold climate itself has some water 💦 content in the weather which keeps vegetables fresh and green. Most green leaves vegetables that have medical properties are found in parts of the Kashmir valley. some of the great veggies are 1. P appermint or pudieni: Pappermint This is combination of mentha and piperita.This is one of the most useful medicial herbs.its oil is uses for aromatherapy.It has plesent aroma.This is used in Indian food as sauce called chutney.This is very useful for cough and also used in curry.Mentha oil has big demand and cost around 30 $/lt.It gives soothing effect on the skin and mucous membrane of body, becomes useful component in pharmaceuticals.Scientists tested peppermint oil on bacteria like salmonella,E. coli and listeria. 2. K ale or leafy cab